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About Family Constellation

Family Constellation helps us optimally connect with ourselves and the life systems to which we belong.

אודות קונסטלציה משפחתית

What is Family constellation?

We all unconsciously hold within us the traumas that preceded us, causing immense suffering. However, there is a better way to honor all the suffering that has occurred and continues to occur, allowing us to prosper and serve the system to which we belong. This better way acknowledges that we are all beloved members of our family lineage and connected to all that exists. This is the essence of family constellations.

Systemic Family Constellations (hereinafter: Family Constellations) is a method of psychotherapy developed during the 1980s by the late German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. It is a form of psychotherapy based on the work of representations. The method has its roots in the established Western approach to family systems therapy and the shamanic tradition of the Zulu tribe in South Africa.

A therapeutic process in a systemic constellation is approved by family therapy associations in Europe and is practiced by thousands of qualified therapists and facilitators worldwide.

The foundation of this method is the belief that our present problems and difficulties may be influenced by traumas from previous generations within our family line, even if we are not aware of the original events.

Working within the 'constellative field' reveals the hidden dynamics that span multiple generations in a family. This process seeks to resolve the harmful effects of these dynamics while acknowledging reality as it is. The work in the 'constellative field' transcends time, bringing together the past, present, and future, as there is no future without the present and no present without the past.

The main purpose of family constellations is to allow people to feel safe and have a sense of belonging, enabling them to experience their lives freely, enjoyably, and satisfyingly.

Through family constellations, you will experience, feel, and discover the movements that create barriers and difficulties in dynamics. You will also find the movements that allow for blessings, well-being, and personal growth as a couple and family. Understanding the fundamental patterns of your family dynamics will enable you to dramatically improve your life and increase your happiness.

What is the Purpose of Family Constellation Therapy?

The main goal of family constellation therapy is to allow people to feel safe and have a sense of belonging, enabling them to experience their lives freely, enjoyably, and satisfyingly.

The basic premise of systemic family constellations is that trauma in the family is passed from generation to generation until someone arises who is willing and able to address it. You are connected to your family lineage, which has its own laws and patterns of relationships passed down through generations. When patterns originating from unprocessed secrets and traumas are passed down, they continue to influence us subconsciously and burden our lives in various ways.

In essence, the work of family constellations is designed to help you connect with and heal the past, allowing you to achieve a sense of balance and inner peace.

What Enables a Therapeutic Process in Family Constellations?

The process is an opportunity to take responsibility for your life, your choices, and your relationships.

The constellation infuses love into the system, allowing you to fall in love with yourself and embrace your desires, dreams, and aspirations.

A constellation strengthens your inner listening and connects you to your intuition. Through the process, you will find your inner clarity, enabling you to calm yourself, regulate fears and anxieties, and respond in a balanced and grounded manner.

Family constellation is a body-mind technique. It invites you to develop an awareness of your body language. Why is this important? Because the majority of the messages we convey are non-verbal; we perceive and listen more to each other's body language than to the words and sentences spoken.

The constellation allows you to stay within a conflict and grow from it together. Later, when you encounter conflicts at home, they will no longer seem as intimidating. Instead, you will be able to see them as growth engines in your relationship.


What Are the Benefits of Family Constellation Therapy?

The outstanding advantage of this method is its speed and efficiency.

By working with representations, a constellation meeting significantly shortens deep emotional processes and enables a clear understanding of the fundamental patterns in your family dynamics.

This leads to quick relief and problem-solving in your internal relationship with yourself, your relationship with your partner, parenting, extended family relationships, society, and the business world.

Important Information: Possible Side Effects After a Family Constellation Session

The core of the work is the observation and recognition of phenomena theory—phenomenology. When an unusual or repetitive movement occurs, we should pay attention to it and investigate what it wants to tell us.

I like to compare the constellative process to an archaeological dig: we uncover and discover layers of the subconscious and bring them to the level of consciousness. This exposure creates phenomena of energy movements in the body and soul. All these movements are directed towards healing and release and should be acknowledged, even though most of them occur after the meeting at the clinic is over.

No need to panic! Let's get to know these movements, recognize them, and give them a place and belonging within us and our constellation field.

עיצוב ללא שם (1).jpg
  • How much does it cost and how long is an appointment?
    A meeting lasts about an hour and a half and costs NIS 495
  • What days and hours can you meet at the clinic?
    The clinic is open Sunday - Thursday between 09:00 and 13:00 and on Friday between 09:00 and 11:30
  • How long does the process take and how often are the meetings held?
    An average process takes about 16 weekly sessions.
  • Is it possible to treat when one of the partners is not interested?
    Systemic couples therapy deals with the space of the marital system and for that purpose you have to meet with both partners throughout the entire process. One of the spouses can be treated personally and contents from the marital system will emerge in the treatment, but this is not essentially couple therapy but individual therapy.
  • Is online couple therapy as effective as physical clinic therapy?
    Whether it is treatment at the physical clinic or the internet clinic, in both it is a face-to-face interpersonal meeting aimed at providing a solution to the difficulties in your marital and family relationship. Many studies show that online emotional therapy is as effective as the treatment in the physical clinic.

We consider all these physical phenomena as part of the internal movement that continues within you after the meeting at the clinic. These should subside within three days to a week.
If a week has passed since our meeting and you have not experienced any benefit, call me, and we will perform another constellative movement over the phone to assist in the healing process.

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