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Romantic Couple

The quality of our relationships affects the quality of our lives


















Hundreds are
held  hostage  by Hamas

Improve your life quality with
systemic couple therapy
Based on Family Constellation & Differentiation approaches

Welcome to a transformative journey where you will experience the realm beyond the problems on the surface and delve deep into the roots of the dynamics in your relationship.

In the journey of life, relationships are our anchors, who provide us with support, joy and partnership.
However, even the strongest relationships can face challenges,

which lead to misunderstandings and estrangement.

If you find yourself in a place where harmony and understanding Your relationship has faded,
You're not alone!

This is a path that many couples follow, and looking for a ray of light to guide them back to each other.
Systemic couple therapy based on family constellation and differentiation is a unique and transformative approach for healing and revitalizing your relationship.

What is systemic couple therapy based on family constellation & differentiation?

Relationships are complex, extending far beyond the interaction between two individuals.

Behind every relationship are extensive connections – families of origin, social ties, culture,

and tradition. All these factors impact our communication patterns, expectations, and conflicts as couples and individuals. In systemic couple therapy based on family constellation & differentiation, we will map out these influences together and help you address them in a healthy and effective manner.

Systemic couple therapy based on family constellations & differentiation is a unique approach that I have developed, combining two leading systemic approaches:

The family constellation approach allows objects to be placed in the space to represent the marital and family relationships in all their components. In an experiential and visual manner, you can uncover patterns, hierarchies, beliefs, boundaries, and unresolved burdens from the past that influence and manage the subconscious of your marital and family system in the present.

The differentiation approach advocates for strengthening each partner's ability to define themselves, their needs, and boundaries in a healthy way, without denying the important connections in their life. Through structured practice, you will enhance the self-differentiation of each spouse. You will learn to communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully, expressing your needs and personal boundaries while maintaining your autonomy and independence within the relationship.

In my experience, the more you develop skills for differentiated communication, the more you can strengthen the marital bond from a place of autonomy and inner strength. The combined work on discovery, release, and renewal allows couples to mature their relationship, making it more respectful, with clear boundaries, and more loving.

About Me:

I'm Sivan Avni, a certified couples and family therapist, dedicated to helping you rebuild trust, improve communication, and reconnect emotionally.

Using Family Constellation & Differentiation techniques, I offer compassionate and personalized therapy both in Kiryat Tivon and online.


Explore my website to discover how we can transform your relationship into a healthier, more fulfilling journey.

Start your journey towards a better relationship today!

Planting a Tree

Sivan is an amazing and thorough therapist,

Every meeting is a stepping stone

of progress and growth and we are happy to have reached it!

Highly recommended.


Certified marriage and family counselor Specialist in systemic family constellation and differentiation approaches. 

Couples therapy

Personalized sessions to help couples rebuild trust, improve communication and reconnect emotionally.

One-on-one therapy

Support for personal growth and emotional healing.

Hybrid treatment

Sessions are accessible Online from the comfort of your home and at my clinic in Kiryat Tivon.

Contact me
to find out how
Couples therapy based on family constellation and differentiation
can help you too
find the way to
a healthy relationship,
with respect and love.

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Starting therapy is a brave step towards healing and growth.
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and to open the doors to a happy partnership,
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