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 The Orders of Success:

find the way to feel Happy, successful, and more fulfilled with the help of Family Constellations.

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Individual therapy based on a family constellations is designed to help you process and resolve issues that hurt you and get you stuck in patterns that are not beneficial to you. The treatment will help you identify and know your inner resources and harness you to your help as strengths that are yours and do not depend on external factors, these will serve you when you come to create and fulfill your dreams.


The process will help you improve the relationships in your life:

  • With yourself and with your parts and the inner voices in you - the critical, the lecturing, the rebellious.

  • with your marital relationships,

  • with your relationships with your children,

  • with your relationships with your family of origin,

  • with your professional and business and social relationships.

Signs It's Time to Start
Family Constellation Therapy

  1. Recurrent Relationship Issues - Do you find yourself facing the same problems in your relationships, despite efforts to change? Family Constellation Therapy can help you uncover hidden patterns and dynamics that may be influencing your interactions.

  2. Feeling Stuck in Life - If you often feel stuck, unable to move forward in your personal or professional life, this therapy can reveal underlying family entanglements that are holding you back.

  3. Emotional and Physical Distress - Persistent feelings of anxiety, depression, or emotional turmoil, as well as unexplained or chronic health issues, might be rooted in family history. Family Constellation Therapy can help you understand and release these inherited burdens and promote healing.

  4. Repetitive Negative Patterns -  Are you experiencing recurring negative patterns in your life, such as financial instability, addiction, or destructive behavior? Family Constellation Therapy can help identify and resolve the root causes.

  5. Unresolved Grief or Loss -  Difficulty moving on from the loss of a loved one or unresolved grief can be a sign that family dynamics need to be addressed. This therapy provides a space to process and heal these deep emotions.

  6. Family Secrets and Ancestral Trauma - Hidden family secrets or trauma passed down through generations can affect your well-being. Family Constellation Therapy helps bring these issues to light and facilitates healing.

  7. Feeling Disconnected and Insecure -  If you often feel disconnected from your family, community, or even yourself, and feel insecure in group interactions, this therapy can help you restore a sense of belonging and connection.

  8. Desire for Personal Growth -  Seeking personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself and your family? Family Constellation Therapy offers insights and tools for profound personal development.

  9. Parenting and Family Challenges -  Struggling with parenting issues, family fights, or feeling overwhelmed by family responsibilities? This therapy can provide clarity and strategies to create healthier family dynamics.

  10. Financial and Decision-Making Struggles -  Money does not come easily to you, and your life is characterized by constant hard work and financial instability. You also have difficulty making decisions and persevering in completing tasks. Family Constellation Therapy can help you understand and overcome these challenges.


The Healing Process

Have you ever felt like an outsider, not truly belonging, constantly jumping from one thing to another with indecision and lack of satisfaction? Through Family Constellation Therapy, you will be able to connect deeply within yourself and with others, finding the people and places that benefit you the most and foster your growth. What will happen then, when you feel a sense of belonging? You will become more peaceful, calmer, and happier.

During this process, you will identify and understand the movements that create barriers and difficulties in your relationships. You will discover the movements that will bring you blessings, well-being, and personal growth. By understanding the fundamental patterns of these relationships, you will be able to dramatically improve your life and feel much happier and fulfilled.

You will take a leap towards experiencing life to the fullest, embracing true happiness. You will experience a new wave of energy, aligning with what your body and soul can bear. For many of my patients, this pleasant elation is felt for the first time in their lives, awakening a sense of wonder.

Midway through the process, you will notice that you love yourself much more. You will understand why you have rejected happiness in personal relationships, with children, money, etc. You will uncover the source of these intense feelings and understand why you have been acting this way subconsciously.


From this discovery and the intergenerational healing work conducted at the clinic, you will be able to free yourself from the symptoms that have oppressed and clouded your quality of life.

With the help of constellative work and a deep connection with the representations, you will learn to trust your intuition more. This is crucial because only you truly know what is best and accurate for you.


You will begin to accept yourself as you are, shedding the voices of destructive self-criticism and feelings of guilt that you have carried for many years. You will understand how your negative thoughts and beliefs affect your behavior and emotional state and learn how to change them. This process will improve the quality of your life, increase self-confidence and self-worth, and strengthen your belief in your abilities. It will give you wings to soar higher and fulfill your dreams and desires.


The process will heal your marital and family dynamics, enhance your relationships with your children, and provide you with tools to address future parenting challenges.


It will empower you as a woman and a mother, connecting you to the benevolent sources of power within your female lineage.

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