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The Hidden Forces Impacting Your Relationship: Discover the Magic of Morphic Fields


How Energy Fields Influence Your Relationship

Have you ever felt like you’re repeating the same arguments in your relationship? Do you sense that something unexplained is affecting your connection? The theories of Morphic Resonance and the Morphogenetic Field can offer a fascinating explanation and open the door to significant improvements in your relationship.

What is Morphic Resonance?

Rupert Sheldrake, a renowned scientist, developed the theory of Morphic Resonance. He suggests that there is an invisible energy field that connects people and allows a collective memory or knowledge that can be accessed across generations. Simply put, our behaviors, emotions, and experiences influence others, even after many years.

Imagine that your feelings resonate like waves in water, impacting those around you. Habits and emotional responses can pass from person to person, affecting the behavior of all of us.

What is the Morphogenetic Field and How Does it Affect Your Relationship?

Bert Hellinger took Sheldrake’s idea and applied it to family relationships. He discovered that families are connected by an invisible energy field that holds the history, emotions, and fates of family members across generations.

This field influences our behaviors and emotional patterns in relationships. Unresolved issues from the past can affect you today, causing conflicts and intense emotional reactions.

How Can Family Constellation Therapy Improve Your Relationship?

Family Constellation Therapy is a transformative method that helps uncover and address hidden dynamics within the family that impact your relationship. In therapy, we use representatives or objects to symbolize family members and reveal the hidden connections affecting you.

The Constellation facilitator helps uncover hidden loyalties, unresolved traumas, and suppressed truths. This process allows recognition of issues and works towards resolving them, thereby changing the energy in the family’s morphogenetic field and bringing positive change to your relationship.

How Do Morphic Fields Affect Your Relationship?

Relationship problems don’t always stem from you or your partner. They are often influenced by unresolved family patterns and crises. Understanding these intergenerational connections and their impact on you can foster empathy, understanding, and openness to change.

How Can You Improve Your Relationship?

In Family Constellation Therapy, we can help you identify the intergenerational connections affecting your relationship. Together, we can work on breaking free from unhealthy cycles and creating new, healthier ways to relate to each other.

Conclusion: The Healing Power of Morphic Connections

Understanding Morphic Resonance and the Morphogenetic Field can open the door to deeper healing and understanding of your relationship. Through Family Constellation Therapy, hidden influences can be uncovered and addressed, creating positive and meaningful change in your relationship.

If you feel that your relationship needs change and healing, Family Constellation Therapy can be the path to help you achieve it.


Sivan Avni provides couples therapy using Family Constellation and Differentiation techniques, available in Kiryat Tivon as well as online.



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