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The Hidden Power of Family Connections: Exploring Morphic Resonance and the Morphogenetic Field

morphogenetic field

Understanding the Connection Between Morphic Resonance and the Morphogenetic Field

In the realms of science and psychology, few theories have sparked as much curiosity and discussion as Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance and Bert Hellinger's concept of the morphogenetic field. These groundbreaking ideas challenge conventional understanding of family dynamics, psychological healing, and the hidden forces shaping our lives.

Morphic resonance, introduced by Sheldrake, suggests that natural systems, including biological organisms, social groups, and even crystals, inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind. Hellinger's morphogenetic field extends this concept to family constellation therapy, offering deep insights into family connections and the transmission of emotional and psychological patterns across generations.

What Is Rupert Sheldrake's Theory of Morphic Resonance?

Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance proposes that there exists an invisible architecture within nature that shapes the formation and behavior of systems at all levels of complexity, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest galaxies. Natural systems, such as biological organisms, ecosystems, social groups, and even habits and cultures, inherit a collective memory from all previous things of their kind.

At its core, morphic resonance posits that similar patterns of activity resonate and influence each other over time and space through a field known as the morphic field. Sheldrake suggests that these morphic fields contain the informational essence of the form and behavior of a species or system, which can be accessed and replicated by new members of the species or system, thereby influencing their development and behavior.

Watch the video in which Rupert Sheldrake explains the concept of a morphogenetic field in nature and family constellations:

The Impact of Morphic Resonance on the Family Knowledge Field

The idea that behavioral patterns, emotional responses, and even thoughts can be transmitted across time and space without direct contact resonates closely with the principles underlying the morphogenetic field as applied in family constellation therapy. Sheldrake proposes that each species and social group creates a collective memory bank accessible to its members, a concept that influenced Hellinger's perception of the morphogenetic field in psychotherapy.

Hellinger's theory of the morphogenetic field, or "field of knowledge," posits that individuals are profoundly influenced by the history and emotional experiences of their family lineage. These influences, stored in the family's morphogenetic field, can shape individuals' behaviors, emotions, and life choices in ways they are often unaware of.

Relying on the concept of morphic resonance, Hellinger was able to understand how unresolved traumas, conflicts, and dynamics within a family can continue to impact its members across generations. This insight forms the basis of family constellation therapy, where therapists and participants work to uncover and address these hidden influences to resolve past traumas and bring healing within the family system.

The Morphogenetic Field: An Invisible Force Shaping Our Lives

Hellinger's theory of the morphogenetic field is based on the assumption that families and other social groups possess a unique energy field that stores the group's history, emotions, traumas, and relationships. This field influences the thoughts, behaviors, and life patterns of its members, often in unconscious ways. Unresolved issues from the past, such as traumas or secrets, can create disturbances in the field, leading to patterns of suffering, illness, or misfortune that can persist across generations.

Family Constellation Therapy: A New Path to Healing

Bert Hellinger developed the approach of family constellations, where participants represent family members or aspects of the family's morphogenetic field. Through these constellations, hidden connections and dynamics are revealed, allowing recognition of previously unidentified factors affecting the family system. The goal of the process is to restore balance and harmony within the field by acknowledging and respecting these factors, thus enabling healing and resolution of long-standing issues.

Albrecht Mahr and the Field of Knowledge

Albrecht Mahr referred to the "field of knowledge" as symbolizing the deep connection between people, resonating with themes of invisible loyalties and family obligations. This field holds the memories, traumas, emotions, and fates of all family members, including those who have passed away or been forgotten.

The Magic of Family Constellations: Unveiling Family Secrets

In a family constellation, the client selects people to represent themselves and key family members, such as parents and siblings, and arranges them in a spatial setup that reflects their relationships. This process often reveals unexpected insights and provides the client with knowledge that was previously inaccessible.

How Family Constellation Therapy Impacts the Entire Family

Family constellation therapy has a broad impact. The constellation not only benefits the client but also positively influences other family members, even if they are not present during the session. The changes are reflected in the lives and relationships of all family members.

"In a family constellation, the client chooses people to represent himself and the central family members such as parents and siblings. He arranges them in a spatial arrangement that reflects the mutual relations between them. This process often reveals unexpected insights, and provides the client with knowledge that was not accessible before." [Brett Hellinger]

The Influence of Morphic Resonance and the Morphogenetic Field on Modern Psychology

The theories of morphic resonance and the morphogenetic field have prompted a paradigm shift in therapeutic practices. They expand the therapeutic scope from focusing solely on the individual to considering the individual in the context of their family system and beyond. Family constellation therapy, which directly applies these concepts, has gained prominence and been integrated into more conventional therapeutic settings.

Conclusion: The Healing Power of Hidden Family Connections

The journey from Rupert Sheldrake's theory of morphic resonance to Bert Hellinger's concept of the morphogenetic field reveals the profound and revolutionary power of invisible connections that bind us. These theories challenge conventional boundaries of understanding and offer a transformative perspective on how family connections and ancestral legacies influence personal and collective well-being. Applying these concepts in family constellation therapy has opened new pathways for healing, allowing individuals to address and resolve deeply rooted issues within family dynamics and history.

Embracing these implications opens the potential for deep healing and transformation, not only within ourselves but also within our families and the broader tapestry of human connections.


Sivan Avni provides couples therapy using Family Constellation and Differentiation techniques, available in Kiryat Tivon as well as online.



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