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A classic constellation in the group

What is the advantage of classical work?

  • The advantage of working in the group technique is that the facilitator can sit aside and watch the process unfold in front of her as the group is used in the service of its case story.

  • Just watching from the sidelines your story unfolding before your eyes is already a process that will move you forward and create a new movement in you that enables healing and repair.

When should you request a classic constellation for you?

  • If there is some subject that oppresses you, sits on you, you feel that it is time to examine it in depth in a new way, to receive information and insights about it that are beyond what you have already received in individual emotional work, that seems to you to have some sort of hidden something there, that perhaps feels like a secret or some kind of shadow - This is a good time to take the chair and let the delegation work for you in the field.


  • Just watching the story of your life, the relationship dynamics of your story represented by others already creates a new movement of healing for your system.


  • After the group meeting we will stay together for an individual conversation where we will process what came up from the field in the group work and see what else can support you and allow you to find the inner accuracy and the solution to the problem you came with in the first place.

What are the benefits of booking a Classic Constellation meeting for you?

  • In the group meeting, you are in the center, you determine the topic of the meeting, and the entire group that will serve as representative(s) in your story, will come to the meeting with an internal call for the topic of the meeting that you will choose.

  • In such a meeting, you will be able to decide in advance what the composition of the group will be - whether you would like the group to have only women / men, or representatives of both sexes, and you will also be able to choose whether representatives with whom you have a previous acquaintance will come, Or those who do not know you at all.

  • You can book a one-time group meeting for you or as part of a personal process as one meeting where we will do different work and then we will return to the individual work.​

  • You can book a one-time group meeting for you even if you are in a therapeutic process with another therapist and with a different approach and even come to the meeting together with them and have them sit next to you in the position of a bystander in the constellation, so that afterwards you can take the insights together From the group meeting to the continuation of your work.

Unlock Hidden Insights: The Transformative Power of Being a Representative in Another's Family Constellation

  • The role of the representative in the constellation is to work in the service of the therapeutic space, the field of the constellation. The representative connects to the deep layer of collective knowledge that connects us all and it happens quickly, and completely intuitively, and it feels like magic. Being a part of this magic is a gift for you.


  • The connection to the story of another person from the position of the representative allows you to peel back hidden layers from your subconscious and illuminate other and new angles in your own systemic story.

Is prior knowledge of the method required before I participate in a classical constellation (in a group)?

If you are the client, no previous experience is necessary. However, if you wish to participate as a representative in someone else's constellation, prior experience in group work with representations is required. The nature of this experience should align with the session format: for in-person sessions, experience with in-person representation work is needed; for online group sessions, familiarity with online representation work is essential.


I was deeply impressed by the group's professionalism and their attentive approach to each individual. Thank you once again; I truly enjoyed the experience—it was wonderful.

Rivki P.

The children are fine emotionally
When the father loves and respects the woman in the children
And when the mother loves and respects the husband among them.
Only then do children feel complete individuals.

Bert Hellinger

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