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Revitalize Your Love with Family Constellation & Differentiation Based - Couples Therapy

Romantic Couple

Navigating the dynamic landscape of relationships, finding a path to harmony and understanding can often feel like navigating a maze without a map. Couple therapy based on family constellation offers a transformative journey toward healing and connection.

Imagine stepping into a space where you are seen not just as two individuals struggling with relationship issues but as part of a larger, interconnected system that spans generations.

Family constellation-based couple therapy invites couples to embark on a deeper journey of healing and discovery. It is an invitation to explore the stories that have shaped you, understand the forces driving your relationship, and transform them into sources of strength and connection.

A Couple is More Than Two!

When people seek couple therapy, they often express their shared suffering within the relationship. Typically, seeking couple therapy is viewed as a last resort—when the crisis becomes unbearable, and they feel compelled to seek professional help to address their issues seriously.

In my clinic, I meet couples who share that they have exhausted various methods—they have delved into self-help and relationship guidance books, attended seminars and retreats, and engaged in activities aimed at improving their communication skills.

For a time, these efforts seem to alleviate the crisis, but then...

As time goes on, they find themselves trapped in a cycle of intense arguments, ongoing frustration, deafening silences, and deep loneliness—a profoundly distressing and painful loneliness within the confines of their relationship. One couple once described their situation to me as akin to a roller coaster—just when they think they have overcome one crisis, another arises, leading to feelings of exhaustion and a desire to escape.

I offer a different approach, one you may not have tried before. Are you ready to confront the harsh realities of your relationship dynamics, uncover uncomfortable truths, and take responsibility for your actions?

Crises Follow a Predictable Pattern

Crises follow a predictable pattern—one problem leads to a solution, which over time becomes problematic and requires a more innovative solution, and so on. This cycle can escalate over years and even generations. Therefore, each of us carries within us a legacy of problems and solutions rooted in our ancestors. We are not isolated beings; the distant past still influences our subconscious in the present. This understanding highlights why solutions that focus solely on the present are often temporary and unsatisfying.

Now we understand certain patterns that repeat in relationships. For example, unresolved issues from previous relationships or intergenerational traumas can undermine a new relationship, especially if those previous relationships ended in death, painful separation, or guilt. This guilt can infiltrate and destroy the new connection.

Another common scenario involves one partner wanting to leave the relationship. Through family constellation, it is not uncommon to discover that this desire aligns with the fate of a family member who was ostracized, forgotten, or died under tragic circumstances. This partner may unconsciously wish to align their fate with that of the forgotten family member.

Although these dynamics may seem unrelated to your current life, it turns out that these are quite common phenomena offering insights into the nature of human relationships—not just your personal relationship.

What Do These Insights Reveal About Relationships?

When two people marry, they unite two family lines, each bringing its family history and dynamics. The marriage represents a complex amalgamation of destinies, burdens, beliefs, norms, values, strengths, weaknesses, and disconnections.

For a marriage to thrive, both partners must recognize and accept the unique and equal value of their original family systems and the belief systems, norms, and values they grew up with. While this may seem simple in theory, it proves challenging in practice, as many of my clients can attest.

The therapeutic process typically involves three main stages:

1. We equally recognize the family systems of both partners, identifying the differences and similarities.
2. We identify and detach from the negative patterns and family traditions that the couple does not wish to perpetuate.
3. We establish a new, balanced, and healthy framework for the relationship, ensuring that both partners contribute and receive equally in terms of values.

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Process framework

  • 16 meetings which are the average period of time suitable for assimilating changes in the personal and interpersonal dynamics. In some cases, follow-up meetings will be required, in full coordination of expectations with the couple.

  • The duration of each session is an hour and a half with a weekly frequency.

  • Meeting cost: 495 NIS, payment in the Bit app at the time of booking in order to save a slot in the diary.

  • The meetings are held at the clinic in Kiryat Tivon or online - depending on availability at the clinic.

  • During the sessions, couple constellation exercises will be combined alongside treatment of conversation and movement. So that you will not only talk about but actually feel it in a physical experience.

  • As part of the process, tasks will be given to perform at home. Accomplishing the tasks is a necessary condition for progress and the assimilation of the changes in the family dynamics.

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What Will You Gain from Family Constellation & Differentiation based - Couples Therapy?


Enhance your inner listening and connect with your intuition. You will learn to regulate fears and anxieties, responding in a balanced and grounded manner with confidence.


Your partnership will grow stronger, and the levels of emotional and physical intimacy will increase. Each of you will love yourself for who you are, independently of the other. You will experience self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence.


Gain insights and accurate internal answers to difficult questions and problems that concern you in your marital and family system.

Belonging and Intimacy

You will feel a sense of belonging and safety, allowing you to express and present yourself authentically, without manipulation.


Live in a balanced relationship. Learn to give and take in a healthy and positive way, free from frustration and guilt. Take responsibility for your life, choices, and relationships.


Identify and express your needs, desires, and passions. Your sense of intimacy and confidence in your marital relationship will increase.

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